The Darmanian calendar was introduced three years after the establishment of the republic, and differs from the common calendar. The year is divided into four seasons, which each have four months:


  • Triticum ('wheat')
  • Servatorem ('the saviour', celebrating how Eryk 'saved' the country)
  • Pacem ('peace')


  • Frigus ('cold')
  • Sternumenta ('sneeze')
  • Nova ('healthy')


  • Valetudo ('health'. According to old superstition, the health of a person during this month forebodes the quality of the year's harvest.)
  • Patriam ('the country')
  • Barba ('beard')


  • Vodenicharov
  • Serenum ('sunny')
  • Cucumis (during this month, the national holiday Benedictus Cucumis is held)

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